Component 2: Energy efficiency investments for municipal / residential buildings

Eligible Sub-Projects with Sub-borrowers implementing energy efficiency Sub-projects in municipal buildings (e.g. offices, health care, education, entertainment, sports and leisure, hospitality services) will be those that comprise equipment, systems and processes which enable the reduction of primary energy consumption and/or final consumption of electricity and/or fuels (either of fossil or renewable origin) and/or other forms of energy (which can be ultimately related to the use of electricity, heat and/or fuels) for:

  • The production of heat for space and/or water heating;
  • Cooling and air ventilation. Use of renewable energy sources for the production of heat for space and/or water heating; cooling and air ventilation is eligible and encouraged.

In general, eligible measures are:

  • Replacement of boilers, heat exchanger stations, chillers;
  • Rehabilitation of heating systems, including installation of heat pumps (water to water, ground to water);
  • Replacement of windows & transparent structures of building envelope;
  • Thermal insulation of building envelope;
  • Energy efficient lighting;
  • Solar thermal installations.

Examples of eligible measures are:

Municipal Buildings

  • Replacement of old and low efficient boilers;
  • Implementation of on-site micro-cogeneration/tri-generation;
  • Rehabilitation of heat substations and heating systems and implementation of heat meters;
  • Balancing of heating systems, implementation of individual heat control devices;
  • Implementation of Building Management Systems;
  • Replacement of existing windows with new double-glazed windows;
  • Thermal insulation of the building envelope;
  • Rehabilitation of existing heating (thermal insulation of pipes, tanks and machinery equipment);
  • Rehabilitation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • Implementation of solar thermal collectors; and
  • Replacement of old and low efficient lighting with an energy efficiency one (fluorescent, LED etc.)

Residential Buildings

  • Replacement of boilers and heat exchanger stations;
  • Rehabilitation of heating systems;
  • Use of geothermal heat;
  • Replacement of windows & transparent structures of building envelope using more energy efficient ones;
  • Thermal insulation of building envelope (outdoor walls, roof and floor, if above unheated space);
  • Energy efficient lighting of common spaces;
  • Solar thermal installations.

Sub-projects will receive a grant calculated as a percentage of the Sub-loan amount as follows:

Scope of the project

Grant as a % of loan amount

Implementation of a single measure


Implementation of at least two measures implemented jointly


A Sub-Project is eligible if it achieves energy savings of at least 30% in comparison with the original energy consumption.

The proportion of the investment cost of a Sub-project to be financed by a Sub-loan will be determined by the PB and may vary from Sub-project to Sub-project and can be up to 100% of the total investment cost of a Sub-project. This amount includes VAT if Sub-borrower is not a taxable person regarding the Slovak Act No. 222/2004 Coll. on Value added tax; otherwise total investment costs can be financed without VAT.