Slovak Association of Energy Service Providers Established

The Slovak Association of Energy Service Providers (APES) has been established with the active participation of ENVIROS as an experienced consultancy and technical assistance provider for MunSEFF.

MunSEFF supports these energy services due to their high potential of economic benefits both for the service providers and the client. The foundation of the APES SK promises more effective marketing and thus more activities in this sector. Currently, the Association consists of 14 members representing various types of companies of the energy sector, incl. providers of energy, technology, EPC and consultancy.

The Code was unanimously approved and the Board was then elected. Representatives of the Energy Centre Bratislava (ECB), KOOR, SE Predaj, Cofely and Siemens form the Board in the first election period. Marcel Lauko of the ECB was elected the Chairman.

The next step is now to contract the Managing Director and determine the main activities for the upcoming period. It is reasonable to assume that APES SK will become an active player on the Slovak energy market and will manage to positively contribute to the increase of energy efficiency and quality of relevant services locally.

Furthermore, MunSEFF is likely to contribute significantly to the marketing of EPC and ESCO activities and benefits due to its advantages in the form of low interest loans and grant provision and suitable conditions for such projects. The MunSEFF representatives welcome this type of projects and will do their best for the successful implementation.