Municipalities recognized for street lighting modernization projects

A gala event in Presov, Slovakia, was organised in recognition of four municipalities that have implemented a complex reconstruction of their street lighting through MunSEFF.

The event saw the mayors of Fintice, Lubotice, Haniska and Presov accept certificates of appreciation by the MunSEFF team for their pioneering attitude towards municipal energy efficiency. The projects concerned a renovation of the existing street lighting in which modern LED lamps replaced the obsolete discharge lamps. The main benefits consist in

  • reduction of energy consumption of up to 80%
  • lowering of the operation costs by more than half due to higher energy efficiency
  • halved or near zero maintenance costs thanks to the expected LED lamp lifetime of 20 years
  • achieving legislative requirements for street lighting
  • increasing public safety

Since the operation and maintenance costs prior to the project were in the range of tens of thousands euros, the savings are a significant aid to the budget of each municipality. The investments in the range of 75,000 – 500,000 EUR depending on the municipality have a calculated simple payback of around 10 years.

All of the projects were financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development through the MunSEFF credit line for the support of sustainable energy investments in Slovakia. Due to their high energy savings achievement, each also received a MunSEFF grant at the level of 20% of the loan.

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