Project Cycle

Prior to commencing the work with a prospective Sub-borrower, the Project Consultant is required to obtain a Waiver Letter from the prospective Sub-borrower indemnifying and holding the EBRD harmless against any losses, claims, damages, or liabilities to which the Bank may become subject in or as a result of providing the services.

For municipal infrastructure energy efficiency sub-projects, the Consultant will first perform an Energy Audit (“EA”) or Simplified Energy Audit ("SEA") to identify and formulate the sub-project scope.

In cases where the Sub-borrower has already got a clearly defined scope of the investment and adequately presented the sub-project, the Consultant will proceed directly with drafting the REUP.

Following the completion of the Energy Audit, the Consultant will prepare the Rational Energy Utilisation Plan (REUP) for every sub-project in cooperation with the Sub-borrower. The REUP will incorporate the results of the Energy Audit, and will further describe the financing plan and implementation schedule. It will also summarise the Consultant’s recommendation regarding the proposed investment as well as compliance with environmental standards.

The Consultant will prepare a Rational Energy Utilisation Plan (REUP) for each sub-project and assist the Sub-borrower, if needed, in making financing applications to PBs.